Your Private Crypto Payment Platform

Accept crypto payments without sharing your customer wallet data with 3rd party platforms & potential competitors

Keep your crypto business private to you

Connect your web2 & web3 data without sharing your competitive insights with external payment processors

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Wallet Addresses Management

With attaching user purchase details to real time transactions, our payment platform brings full automation operation

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Reporting and Back-office

Export and filter transactions by date or status easily. Download your transaction history allowing you to analyze and streamline your financial operations.

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Enterprise grade security

Benefit from advanced features like address whitelisting, unauthorized address blocking, AES-256-bit encryption, and regular security audits.

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Simple Integration

The embedded widget seamlessly integrates with popular crypto tokens and stable coins like USDT and Bitcoin,

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API & webhooks

Our API has extensive reference documentation and our webhooks enable us to push real-time notifications to any application and update the user with his funds automatically.

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Offer easy onboarding to all your customers with embedded web3 and web2 authentication widgets.

How it works?

It's an easy 3 steps for any user to top up his account or purchase anything using his wallet

Choose from your Payment Options

Scan the QR Code for payment

Get an Instant Payment Confirmation

Your all-in-one hybrid payment back-office

Accept crypto payments directly of non-custodial, blockchain-powered payments with Backpack. Get seamless transactions directly into your wallet - anytime, anywhere.

Real time transactions
Digital Wallet settings
Interactive Dashboard

Stored on your environment

Never share your customer's wallet's data again. With Backpack you can choose your own cloud solution based on your business needs while keeping your competitive edge.

Private setup

Social login authentication

Now you can enjoy both worlds: knowing your customer's web2 & web3 identity, offering a better experience, and simplifying customer onboarding.

Robust hybrid back-office

With our white label payment widget and our web2/web3 back-office CRM you can manage your transactions, accept crypto payments, and get insights about your customers' wallet behavior.

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Low-code, Highly customizable

Customize your ideal web & mobile checkout experience in minutes. Seamlessly integrate our embedded payment widget into your existing platforms. 1. API 2 .Webhooks 3 .PHP and JS

Choose the right solution of the future, today.